Biophysics meets Deep Learning

We have developed scalable and convergent proprietary evolutionary approaches to Deep Learning architecture design, which seamlessly blend with existing protein biophysics. Through hybrid biophysics — AI deployments, we mitigate the biggest limitation of Machine Learning in structural biochemistry — insufficient experimental data.


Our hybrid AI deployments capture intricate relationships between mission — critical biophysical properties for customer designated protein families.

Non — Obvious

Our stochastic optimization algorithms search and flag the most promising, non-obvious mutations, which escape the attention of human researchers and benchmark methods.


Our AI deployments are designed and tailored to very specific project needs providing a sought — after exclusivity and "unfair advantage" over competitors in Big Pharma and Biotech space.

AI Designs Antibody

Our stochastic solvers were tasked with finding the most soluble (% PEG) variants of an mAb antibody line developed by MedImmune, an AstraZeneca company. We have identified mutants with highly reduced self-aggregation propensity and detected rare amino acid occurrences, which lead to specific protein-protein interactions.

*The remainder of mAb sequence has been obscured for data confidentiality reasons.

  • 10,240,000,000,000 Mutants per Hour
  • Scaled Across 64 CPUs and 4 GPUs
  • Fully Customized User Experience and Graph Overlays
  • Evolution Through 3 Distinct Biophysical Features
  • Continuous Learning Through User Supplied Solubility Data
  • Solution Found in 25 min. vs 3+ Months of Experiments

Less is More

Say goodbye to public cloud deployments, software updates, awkward User Interfaces, endless list of Docker images, unread manuals, costly personal training and unstructured data. Our role is to help you navigate protein design complexity with an in-silico solution that augments your research and automates the most laborious aspects of your protein engineering exploits while extracting maximum value from your data.

Every AI deployment includes

  • Mission — Critical Stochastic Solver For Your Protein Family
  • Realtime Solution Preview and Mutant Selection
  • Fully Customizable User Interface and Graph Overlays
  • Horizontally Scalable and Expandable AI Engine
  • Continuous Learning AI Through Automated Data Uploads
  • Software and Hardware Support
AI in the Cloud

Your protein — specific AI is deployed in an encrypted container, receives CPU and GPU allocation, and we provide your team with an instant access and customized User Experience.

  • Single — Protein Projects
  • Excellent for Small Size Businesses
  • Basic Deployment Cost
AI in your Lab

Your protein — specific AI is deployed in an encrypted container and is installed in your lab on a barebone HPC solution for maximum performance and security.

  • Multi — Protein Projects
  • The Ultimate Choice for Large Enterprises
  • Built to Meet the Most Stringent Security Standards


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Partnering & Info

Peptone Ltd. is a privately owned, next generation AI-first synthetic protein biology company registered and incorporated in United Kingdom.

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