Peptone was born out of 30 years of combined academic research into Intrinsically Disordered Proteins at Cambridge, Oxford, ETH Zurich and University of Groningen.

We are the first in class pre-clinical translational biophysics company focusing on the discovery of novel therapeutics against intrinsically disordered targets.

The focal point of our interdisciplinary team of researchers is intersection of physics, molecular biology and next-generation supercomputing.

We use highly sophisticated structural analysis techniques, such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and hydrogen-exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS), which can measure the physical properties of dynamic, disordered proteins as they move.

This data is then fed into Peptone’s supercomputer, which applies physical modeling methods and machine learning algorithms to create millions of simulations of the most likely conformations of a particular disordered protein or protein regions and the best way to target them with drugs. These predictions are then tested in the lab and the results are fed back in for further cycles of refinement, generating viable drug candidates to take forward for further development.

Our protein biophysics research facility is located in Bellinzona, Switzerland, with the company’s experimentalists and management based there.

Peptone’s theoretical and BD team sits at our corporate HQ in London, UK.

Peptone’s NVIDIA DGX A100 supercomputer is located at Verne Global’s data center campus in Keflavik, Iceland, where it runs on 100% renewable geothermal and hydroelectric energy.

Dr. Peter Kiener

Non-Executive Director

Alex Bisioti

Business Development and Strategic Intelligence Manager

Dr. Sasha Soldati

Bioassays & Functional Screenings Scientist

Fahad Arshad

Finance Manager

Dr. Babette Schade

Director of Biology & Project Lead in Biology

Dr. Andrea Rinaldi

Technical Laboratory Advisor

Dr. Thomas Alanine

Principal Medicinal Chemist

Dr. Daniele Peterle

Mass Spectrometry Senior Scientist

Dr. Dmitry Ryzhenkov

Protein Production Group Leader

Albert Chung

Machine Learning Research Engineer

Pietro Puricelli

IT Manager

Rachel Jenkins

Director of Finance

Dr. Matthew Lakins

Director of Disease Biology

Valentina Ceserani

Bioassays & Functional Screenings Scientist

Dr. Andrew Allen

Chairman of The Board

Dr. David Lowe

SVP of Biologics

Dr. Patrik Foerch

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Anastasiya Sybirna

Board Observer

Susana Lopez Alcantara

Discovery Lead

Dr. Sandro Bottaro

Principal Scientist Computational Biophysics

Fabio Airoldi

Head of Software and Data Engineering

Chiara Toscano

Joint Operations Manager

Gemma Williams

Head of EMEA Operations

Dr. Gabriella Orlando

Biosafety Officer

Jeremy Sohn

Board and Executive Advisor

Dr. Elia Gamba

Senior Protein Scientist

Dr. Francis Ho

Venture Capital Investor

Dr. Alex Pasteur

Venture Capital Investor

Andrew Hedin

Venture Capital Investor

Steve Crossan

Entrepreneur and Advisor

Dr. Patrick Kunz

Head of Experimental Biophysics

Prof. Emanuele Paci

Computational Physics Researcher

Dr. George Golumbeski

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Benjamin Owens

Chief Business Officer

Dr. Istvan Redl

Machine Learning Lead

Oliver Dutton

Development and HPC Lead

Dr. Louie Henderson

Structural Biochemistry Lead

Dr. Kamil Tamiola

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Hussein Kanji

Venture Capital Investor

Carlo Fisicaro

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Rudy Rubini

Protein Purification Scientist

Georgina Camps Paradell

Protein Purification Scientist

Matteo Cerrina

Protein Analytics Scientist

Dr. Joseph Casson

Senior Antibody Engineering Scientist

Turlough Nevin

Project Manager

Dr. Flavia Giamogante

Bioassays & Functional Screenings Scientist

Marta Fiocco

HR Manager

Dr. Michael Habeck

Protein Purification Scientist

Heidi Derks

Senior Bioassays & Functional Screenings Scientist

Dr. Janek Kibat

Director of Operations

Dr. Michele Invernizzi

Computational Scientist

Nathalie Wyss

Protein Analytics Scientist