Peptone featured in Nature Biotechnology

We are excited to share that our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Kamil Tamiola, and our Chief Business Officer, Dr. Benjamin Owens, were featured in an editorial issue titled “Peptone: Finding Opportunity in Disorder” by Michael Eisenstein of Nature Biotechnology.

As noted by Dr Lukasz Kurgan, a bioinformatician at Virginia Commonwealth University, who also contributed to the article,

Disordered proteins are mostly known for their involvement in conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, for which messy clumps of misfolded protein figure prominently in the disease pathology. But in fact, many proteins rely heavily on unstructured elements to execute their normal biological functions and these elements offer a flexible interface for establishing interactions with a range of DNA, RNA or protein targets. “That disordered region can essentially refold depending on the interaction, and that gives it a lot more bang for the buck,” says Kurgan, who has no ties to Peptone. “There’s still specificity there, so it’s not like you can bind to anything, but there’s diversity with that specificity.”

You can access the entire edition of Nature Biotechnology that focuses on Peptone by clicking on the provided link.

About Peptone
Peptone is a translational biophysics company focused on the discovery of novel therapeutics against diseases driven by intrinsically disordered proteins. IDPs are proteins without a fixed structure that play a significant role in health and disease. For more information about Peptone Therapeutics, visit